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Leo Cables
Leo Cables was started their manufacture since 2001. Leo Cables famous in national and international market for their quality and trust. Now are days they increase their business and Leo Cables cover whole market, consumers keep their trust on Leo Cables for their qualities and better services.
The vision and mission of the company is to provide the safest wires and cables to its consumers ...
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Call Us :
+91 9879094894
1.5 Sq.mm., Solid Copper Conductor, PVC insulated, PVC Sheathed, Unarm...

Leo wires & Cables are...
A Submersible Pump Cable is a spe¬cialized product to be used for ...
Flexible copper conductors are made from high conductivity Copper rods...
Our Products / Services
Single & Multi Core Wire PVC Flexible Cables Rubber Flexible Cables House Wiring Power & Control Cables Submersible Flat Cables
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